News Update: November 6, 2019

G3CT has signed an Agreement with Green Peaks Group (GPG) on forming an engineering joint venture (G3C Engineering, Poland) to manufacture and commission commercial G3C Systems worldwide and to supply G3C systems for a new plant in Poland.

G3CT will transfer to G3C Engineering non-exclusive rights to design, manufacture and commission G3C Systems globally for a period of 20 years. GPG will contribute its competencies in building commercial systems. GPG will secure funding (in cooperation with The National Centre for Research and Development fund, Poland) required to design a commercial G3C System. The Green Peaks Energy (GPE), Poland, a subsidiary of GPG will use G3C Systems for its new plant in Poland.

The first commercial G3C System is expected to be built by G3C Engineering by the end of 2020.

This full commercial size G3C System located in Poland will serve as a G3C technology demo for our customers worldwide. 

G3C Engineering will have only engineering functions - all sales of G3C Systems built by G3C Engineering will be conducted by GPG (in Poland and Ukraine) and by G3CT (in the rest of the world).
As agreed by both parties in MOU, G3C Systems of a total capacity of 30 tpd will be installed on GPE’s Tire Conversion Plant near Gdansk, Poland in 2021.

This installation will be the final accord of G3C technology commercialization.