The application went through a thorough review by the NCRD fund and met all formal conditions. If application is successful the grant is expected to be available in the Q4 of 2020. 


The Tire Conversion Plant is planned to be operational in the Q2 of 2022. It will treat tires with low temperature pyrolysis. Resulting pyrolysis oil will be refined to commercial oil products (i.e. diesel, furl oil, etc.) and the pyrolysis char will be refined to rCB (recovered Carbon Black) using G3C technology. The refined products as well as some by-products (e.g. steel wire) will be sold on the market.

News Update: July 13th, 2020

On July 9th, the Polish fund NCRD (National Centre for Research and Development - https://www.ncbr.gov.pl/en/) has accepted G3C Engineering’s grant application to fund development of the commercial G3C System for the Tire Conversion Plant in Pluznica, Poland. 


G3C Engineering is a joint venture between G3C Technologies and Green Peaks Group, Sp. z.o.o.