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G3C Technologies Timeline

February 2015: G3C Technologies Corporation (G3CT) was incorporated as a New Jersey C Corporation - at the time the corporation was registered with the name Long Arc Technologies Corporation (LAT).


March 2015: G3CT received initial private funding of $1,000,000.


July 2015: Built G3CT’s core R&D team in Georgia and set Waste to Wealth (W2W) as company’s general direction with focus on scrap tire conversion to recovered Carbon Black (rCB). 


November 2015: The Bench Experimental Reactor for rCB product development purpose was built and commissioned in G3CT's Tbilisi Lab.


May 2016:   By optimizing the bench reactor operation the G3CT R&D team succeeded in producing high structure and very high surface area specialty rCB suitable for semi-conductive applications.


August 2016: A Horizontal G3C Reactor Pilot System designed for producing high surface area rCB was built and commissioned in G3CT's Tbilisi Lab.


August 2016: G3CT started R&D of G3C Enrichment Technology for removing ash from rCB in order to produce high purity & high market value products. 


April 2017: The experimental G3C Enrichment process was able to reduce the ash content of rCB sample from >12% to <0.5% (purity required for very demanding semi-conductive applications).


May 2017: G3CT (at the time Long arch Technologies) was awarded a US Patent (US 9,663,662) "A System and Method for Tire Conversion into Carbon Black, Liquid and Gaseous Products" by US PTO.


May 2017: G3CT registered a US Trademark  by US PTO - GREEN3 CONVERSION®, representing triple GREEN approach (no hazardous pollution/lower carbon footprint; no fossil sources feedstock; no energy from fossil sources).


September 2017: G3CT received private funding of $1,000,000.


October 2017: The company name was changed to G3C Technologies Corporation (G3CT), which aligns well with the US registered trademark GREEN3 CONVERSION (G3C); the new name was registered with the state of New Jersey.


January 2018: Started G3C Technology Commercialization Project in Georgia.


June 2018: G3CT received private funding of $500,000.


June 2018: G3CT filed  national phase patent applications in Europe, China and India.


August 2018: G3CT filed a national phase patent applications in Canada.


November 2018: G3CT has launched a Reg CF crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine ( investment platform.