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G3C Technologies Georgian Team

Core Team 

Dr. Tamaz Marsagishvili - Program Manager in Georgia, Doctoral Dissertation in Physics and Mathematics at L. Karpov Scientific-research Institute of Physics and Chemistry (Moscow, Russia). Head of R. Dogonadze Laboratory of Theoretical investigations, Head of Scientific Council R. Agladze Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Served as a Deputy Minister of the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science. Acted as the Director of the R. Agladze Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Iv. Javakhishvili. Published over 140 scientific articles and authored 7 patents.

Dr. Grigor Tatishvili - Sr. Researcher, PhD dissertation in Physics and Mathematics at the Tbilisi State University. Director of R. Agladze  Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and  Electrochemistry of  Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Deputy Chair of the Appeal Board of the National center of the education quality development of Georgia. Editorial board of the Azerbadjan Journal "Chemical Problems". Member of the expert -advisory council of Department of Emergency Management of Ministry of internal affairs of Georgia. Published over 50 scientific articles and authored 3 patents.

Olga Chudakova - Program Administrator, served as Coordinator of scientific projects - Department of Scientific Program, Chief Specialist of Scientific Projects and Leading Engineer - Department of Planning and Financing of Research Works and Economics of Mining Industry, G. Tsulukidze Institute of Mining Mechanics, Tbilisi, Georgia    


Experimentation Team 

Chemical Research and Testing Team 

Engineering & Manufacturing Team 

The Engineering & Manufacturing Team consists of veteran engineers and technicians who designed and built the experimental devices per our unique specifications. The team includes George Naskidashvili, Vazha Bujiashvili, Amiran Gotsiridze, Tamaz Kanchelashvily and Giorgi Beruashvili.

The Experimentation Team consists of scientists, engineers and technicians:  Dr. Archil Mikeladze, Guram Megreli, Roman Lomsadze and Zurab Samkharadze.

The Chemical Research and Material Testing Team is focusing on on Carbon Black Enrichment as well as on measuring its  properties. The team consists of scientists and engineers:  Dr. Natela Ananiashvili, Dr. Manana Gachechiladze, Dr. Bagrat Godibadze, Dr. Elizaveta Tskhakalia, Dr. Marine Matchavarini, Julieta Metreveli and Nino Giorgadze.